Feminine, Versatile, Comfortable Yoga - Beach - Active & Festival Wear


About Irene Farjado

The Past

"Flash dance and Leotards" were the motivating attributes in the 1980s for Irene Farjardo to create - first - her own aerobic wear. Born at Lake Atilan, Guatemala, raised in San José - Costa Rica the 23rd year old, energetic - wild soul was an aerobic instructor in desperate need of unique, femenine and sexy wear for her sports classes. Irene self-taught herself the art of seweing and indulgend in inspiration living and deepening her love for fashion in the 1990s in Italy. 

Tanz ~ German for Dance ~ since its early stages empowers feminine expression, natural flow and a feel-good-in-your-skin sentiment. 

The Present

Inspired by Jungle sounds nestled into the midst of the Central American Mountain Ranges and the roar of Ocean Waves - Irene produces every mold hand-made from her home workshop in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica supported by two Costa Rican mothers that finalize and adorn each piece. Made by jungle goddessess for all the beautiful free spirits, warrior souls and flowy fairies that wander this magnificent planet. Tanz means to make you feel free, sensual yet comfortable in your unique, stunning skin. A brand that boots versatility - many pieces can be worn in manifold ways - to travel light, playful and with a low impact on our Planet. One piece making up for many! 

The Future

"Empowerment" is what originated Tanz. Feel sensual, beautiful, strong yet free and comfortable in your own skin. With every piece purchased you support a Costa Rican girl or mother, dreamer of the dreams to make her future come true. Tanz employees and trains Costa Rican women in the art of sewing and fashion. In this fast-paced, fast-fashion-dominated world Irene envisions this message resonates with your spirit and together we can keep growing the program bringing you unique wear from the Jungle of Costa Rica to your doorsteps.